Value Vehicle Lifts For Your Garage

Getting your hydraulic car lifts shouldn’t be a difficult matter – and it certainly makes motor maintenance a whole lot easier. Whether you’re looking for the perfect auto lift for your professional automotive workshop or one for your home garage use, we have for sale the affordable lifts you’re looking for. No more scrambling around to gain access to that tricky spot you want to fix– just park your vehicle and up it goes.

We are one of best suppliers of automotive mechanical lifts in Great Britain, providing service excellence in The Isle Of Wight, Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. Our high quality auto lifting equipment are for sale at the best prices, and we don’t sell used equipment – it’s all brand new. We’ll even help you with installation of your kit. We’ll check the integrity of your floor and install your machines quickly and efficiently. Check out our reviews.

We offer a variety of different car lifts for you to choose from:

2 post car liftscar scissor lifts4 post car lifts

Pick a nifty 2 post car lift or choose a classic high access 4 post lift. How about an extra-handy tilting lift that props a vehicle neatly on either side or tilts it from front to back? Make wheel alignment easy with an alignment ramp lift or go for a light mobile column lift that still has plenty of muscle – regardless of your selection you’ll get the best value for money in the UK when you buy your High access car lift direct from us. It sure as heck beats a scissor jack as useful tools go!

Mind you, there are times when nothing is handier than a car scissor lift that can be operated manually anywhere you take it. Do you deal with breakdowns? Perhaps you’re a rally driver who puts his vehicle through its paces on rough roads. You’ll find this versatile lift great for indoor or outdoor use, anywhere, anytime.

Does your workshop mainly do tyre changes? Then all you need is a low rise lift. Do you want to be able to look at every nook and cranny? High rise lifts are the answer and if you’re worried about a low ceiling, a mid rise one is the answer. Do you work with MOT? Then you need a high quality MOT lift (we also have quality MOT Bays!) Do you have a particular preference for a hydraulic or an electric lift your favorite tool? Looking for durable ramps that won’t let you down? Whatever your professional workshop requirements are, we have the devices you need to deliver the goods.

What if you’re working on commercial vehicles? Do you need a truck lift? We have the heavy duty car lifts for sale that will get that van up where you want it. Drive on vehicle elevators are our specialty.

How about a parking lift that will double your garage space? Garage home lifts for residential properties are among our specialties. How about a basement garage with an underground lift to bring you up to ground floor (Just like James Bond)? You can choose another route, too! Park your vehicle on an upper floor – super cool! Table lifts are particularly good for this application. Do you need to turn the car sideways? Try a scissor lift with a rotating platform.

If you like to race as a hobby or have a passion for motorbikes, you’re going to find the right type of hoist an invaluable tool. It’s also handy for storage between races. Manual jacks should be used for roadside emergencies only – and you can make that reality with the right equipment. As for the price, it needn’t cost you a fortune!