For Sale: Automatic Wheel Tyre Fitting Equipment

When you’re a professional in the wheel and tyre business, you’ll know the value of a high quality Tyre Machine in keeping your business running smoothly. Changing the toughest tire needn’t represent a major challenge – provided you’ve got the right Tyre Machines in you workshop. Whether you’re working on a motorcycle, an auto, a truck or a tractor, fitting a new tyre shouldn’t be a difficult task with our tyre changers.

We have all the commercial equipment that professional tyre fitter needs. Would you like a fully automatic model? Or is a mobile tyre fitting machine what your workshop needs most? What’s more, a tyre changer should be easy to use. You shouldn’t have to read a 10 000 word manual in order to find out how to use a tyre machine. Changing used tyres should be a breeze. Find the machine that suits your workshop and your budget.

Finest GE-TP01

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Tyre changers are for sale in the UK, Ireland, EU.

We have automatic and semi-automatic models. A pneumatic wheel lifting device is a handy addition to any tyre changer. Simply pop the Tire off the rim and it’s ready to be sent for repair or re-treading while your client gets a brand new tyre popped straight back on with a minimum of fuss and bother. Removal of used tyres and their replacement with new ones has never been easier or more reliable.

Our prices are good too, but no second hand equipment passes through our hands. What you get from us is nothing but high quality, new equipment that will last you for years.

Our products compare very favorably with those from manufacturers with well-known brands such as Automotech, Balco, Bosch, Bradbury, Butler, Corghi, Dunlop, Eurotek, John Bean, Hoffman, Giuliano, Geg and Teco.