Air Compressors For Sale In UK at Modest Price

Whatever the automotive application you use air compressors for, you’ll know what an important piece of equipment your air compressor is. You’d like a durable compressor by a good name brand that will stand the rough and tumble of a workshop workday and you might be wondering whether you’ll be able to find an affordable air compressor for sale. We present you a variety of different compressors that are time tested – good quality, durable and for an affordable price.

air compressors

From small or mini compressors that nevertheless pack a punch to lovely large ones that will make your colleagues and competitors green with envy we’ve got exactly the right air compressor for you. Browse our selection or ask us for a recommendation – we’re always ready to help.

Diesel or petrol driven air compressors are the most common and popular varieties. You can get pretty much any type of compressors from us and the diesel models have the added advantage of being flexible – no need to be near a power source. Just start up and get to work.

All our units are fitted with compressed air dryers to prevent unwanted condensation. Get digital and diesel air compressors and 12V, 110V or 240V electrical compressors according to your needs. We even have powerful 3hp portable compressors for those who do their work on the move – or perhaps you need a compressor as a tyre pump. Getting spare 50 Liter Air compressor tanks is also easy. You can get a replacement 50 L high pressure tank in the UK for a cheap price by contacting us. Why pay more than you need to?

Check out our reviews. We don’t sell used air compressors, but we do have brand new ones at surprisingly affordable prices. You can buy all the best brands through us and you’ll pay much less than you expected! Quiet operation, excellent quality and on of the best prices on the market are the hallmarks of our compressors.

We offer one of the best quality with ValueGE – comparable to all the best brands: Silent, Ingersoll rand, Aldi, Emax, HPC, SIP, Jun air, Abac, Boge, Air Mate, Draper, Stanley, Wolf, Powercraft, Bostitch, Airmaster, Sealey, Eastern, Rotary, DIY, Nu, Viair. If this list of brands doesn’t mean anything much to you, you’re more than welcome to ask us what we would recommend and why Emax is one of the best in the following categories: industrial, reciprocating, high pressure, electric, gas, diesel and portable. We also sell car wheel balancers and tyre fitting machines.

Whatever your requirements our twenty years of experience in the trade are sure to come in handy for you. We know what we’re doing and we know our products inside out. We’re not pushy salesmen – we just want you to find the affordable equipment you need. You don’t even have to worry about transporting your compressor, we’ll organize delivery for you and before you know it, your brand new compressor will arrive without you having to lift a finger. Doing business with us means you get exceptional service and equipment that suits your needs.