Portable Automotive Scissor Lifts For Sale

Having the right garage equipment makes sure that you never get caught with a tricky spot you can’t get at. Try our mid rise scissor lift for cars. It’s fully portable and comes with a handy trolley for the power pack and the lift itself. Being mobile, you can move it around your workshop at will, or even have it loaded onto a truck for easy transport to any location.

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If you’re looking at getting a hydraulic scissor lift, we can offer you a full rise model that has a load length of fully 4.5m. You’ll never have to turn a client away because you haven’t got the right equipment to get his car or van up there. Are you looking for something a trifle more modest? We’ve got the answers that you need. From car scissor jacks to something that will lift a longer-wheel base vehicle into a comfortable working position, you won’t find better quality or price offers for vehicle lifts offered for sale in the UK or Ireland.

Our product range ensures that you’ll find exactly what you need. Whether you need to outfit a professional workshop or just want something handy for your smaller garage, you should be talking to us. All our lifts are CE approved and a review of our product range will quickly show you that we’re not joking when we say we’ve got everything you’re likely to need when it comes to scissor jacks.

Steady, strong and reliable, that’s the key element in all the garage equipment that we supply and you can be sure of excellent sales and after dales service no matter where you are in the UK or Ireland. After all, we know that a happy client keeps on coming back for more! Give it a try!