Two Post Automotive Lifts For Home Garage or Service Use

We offer a wide range of good quality two post vehicle lifts that can be used for home garages, car service workshops or any other domestic, residential, or commercial application. Most of our lifts are electro hydraulic, we have small light duty and big heavy duty lifts. You can find the right one for your car, van or truck. Our car lifts are CE approved, high quality and comes with all the necessary safety features and protections. We also have a variety of garage equipment and lifts including scissor, ramp elevators, 4 post hoists and wheel alignment and equipment for sale at affordable prices.

We have experienced engineers that are qualified to install your vehicle lift.

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2 post car lifts

Getting the best professional workshop equipment in the UK and Ireland has never been easier. A brand new, top quality two post lift can be yours at the best prices in the industry. That’s right: no second-hands (although you might wonder when you see how good our prices are!)

If you’re not sure which make and model to choose, contact us. We’re waiting to hear from you. Our client service staff will be able to assist you in making the choice that’s right for your needs. Whether you need a workhorse lift that makes you job easier or you just want to save garage space in your home, we’ll know what solutions are best for you. We’ll tell you what options you have and what advantages and features you’ll get with each of them, allowing you to compare two post lifts and make a decision you’ll never regret.

Our team will be there for you after the sale is made, too. After-sales excellence is important to us because we know how important our equipment is to your business, home or hobby.

Whether you are a motoring enthusiast or an automotive professional, you’ll be impressed by our products and dedication to service excellence.