Fully and Semi Auto Machines For Wheel Tyre Balancing

Your client needs absolute safety on the road and perfect wheel balancing is an important element of safe driving – as long as the wheel balancing machine is up to standard. Our heavy duty tyre balancing machines are able to handle all sizes of wheels, from standard truck wheels to those of a delivery van or an ordinary car. Just choose the models that are right for your needs.

Finest GE-TP01

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Getting the best machines for wheel alignment and tyre fitting and balancing will help to make running your wheel and tire business easier. Knowing that you can trust your machines to remain perfectly calibrated to produce perfect balance means that you can focus on your customers. Having reliable equipment means that you can operate as the professional you are.

The auto business can be tough and you need tough machines that will stand the test of time – that’s just what you’ll get from us. We have wide range of professional garage equipment for sale in the UK and Ireland. Get the balance right with our tyre changers and balancers.

We sell nothing but precision engineered machines that remain accurate time after time, all day and every day. That’s thanks to the extremely accurate and very reliable integrated circuit that ensures the machine is self-calibrating and able to diagnose the tiniest wobble on any wheel. Of course, it also helps if your machines look good – after all, your customers are watching!

Give it a try, you won’t get anything but high quality products and the best customer service from us. We’ve even got a mini model that’s ideal for those who are just starting their businesses or for DIYers with a penchant for motoring. Our top of the range wheel balancer for heavy duty vehicles is fully automatic. No need for extensive operator training since it more or less runs itself.